About Us

Tong and Chic Creations is a husband and wife team who work to produce individual artistic pieces for the discerning buyer. Adrian and Ann are regular contributors to the Top of the Torrens Gallery at Birdwood, South Australia.

The Tong element is Adrian. He works primarily with metal and uses a combination of recycled and new metals. Using a variety of methods, from traditional black smith techniques to modern welding and metal forming processes, he is able to create unique pieces of art. At times this is combined with other media such as wood and glass, to achieve the desired effect.
Ann is the Chic element of Tong and Chic Creations. She has been working with glass art for many years, originating with leadlight and copper foil techniques. More recently Ann has expanded her skills to include glass fusing and slumping to create unique and vibrant artworks for clients.

Is Tong and Chic a play on words? Who knows (he says with Tongue in Cheek)!